Branca International S.p.A. is the Italian Holding wholly-owned by the Branca family.

The company, working since 1998, is based in Milan, and controls Fratelli Branca Distillerie S.r.l. (Italy) and F.lli Branca Destilerias S.A. (Argentina), booming companies specialized in spirits production, marketing and distribution in over 160 countries worldwide.

Branca International S.p.A. holds interests in Italy and abroad, even in the real estate sector, managed with an entrepreneurial approach, coordinating activities and giving directions in order to grow and create value. Branca International S.p.A. adopts governance best practice and constantly cooperates with the management of subsidiary companies, though always maintaining operating autonomy.

Since 2005 Branca International S.p.A. has launched a policy to redesign the company organisation, by reconverting unused production sites, by separating production and commercial activities into different companies from real estate and by diversifying the investments of the group. The industrial activity of the company, leader in the spirits sector for more than 165 years, began in 1845 when Bernardino Branca invented Fernet-Branca, the bitter liqueur that would have become famous all over the world. The development of production activities has always been based on quality, innovation and respect of traditions, the principles and the values of the Branca family, now at the fifth generation.

The development of the group began with the invention of “historic” products and passed through portfolio expansion, with a policy based on brand acquisitions, extension lines and the entry into sectors related to the core business. From 2000 to date, the strategic and operating decisions that have been taken have led the Distilleries to hold new and significant positions in reference markets and to compete with the most important multinational companies. It is not a case that Branca is one of the few companies that have managed to stay independent in the Italian industry panorama.

Branca International S.p.A. operates in the real estate in Italy and abroad. The Holding controls Branca Real Estate s.r.l., that has incorporated the group’s real estate investments (factory, residential, commercial and cultural buildings as well as farms and country properties), and holds interests in the real estate company Whitestones S.C.A.
Branca International also has a holding in Bioera S.p.A., a leading Italian company operating in the natural and biological food and supplement industry.

Branca International S.p.A., with a centralized management of financial flows and investments of the group, has two objectives: to support the projects of expansion of its controlled companies, by strengthening their presence in the relevant sectors with the acquisition of brands and companies in Italy and abroad, and to diversify investments, by enhancing the importance of the international relations established over the years.

The controlled companies operate respecting the environment in compliance with the Ethical Code, a formalized code of conduct. The group does not include companies or operating units in countries with a low taxation or with limitations on trade-union freedom.

Niccolò Branca is Chairman and CEO of Branca International S.p.A., and Giuseppe Branca is Vice Chairman.

The Branca International S.p.A. holding company, and its Chairman and CEO Niccolò Branca, have received a number of important acknowledgements over the last few years.

The Holding Branca International S.p.A. was awarded the prestigious “Premio Risultati 2007”, promoted by Bain & Company, Il Sole 24 Ore, Centrale dei Bilanci and Bocconi University. This recognition is usually awarded to the Italian companies that, in the four previous years, recorded the best performance as regards the creation of economic value, supported by strong and original strategies, employment and a significant capacity to export “Made in Italy” products all over the world.
In 2007 Niccolò Branca was nominated Honorary Professor (June 2007) at the Universidad del Salvador in Buenos Airesfor his entrepreneurial activity and managerial contribution in Argentina.

In 2008 he was awarded the Ernst&Young Prize for“Businessman of the Year”, in the Global category and again in 2009 for“Businessman of the Year’” in the Finance category.

In July 2010 Niccolò Branca was nominated one of the Italian entrepreneurs who have done their country proud by the magazine Capital, receiving the Libro d'oro dell'imprenditoria italiana (award for entrepreneurs).

In October 2011 Italian president Giorgio Napolitano appointed him Knight of Industry and in December 2011 he was awarded the Seal of the University of Parma.