“Since 1845 our company, that is today a diversified group, has improved by maintaining fundamental values shared by the management that has always supported us in the constant development of this huge project. Our aim is to keep the balance between freedom of profit and ethics, by sharing values that have been passed down for five generations: regard for people who are considered as ends and not as means, sense of responsibility for growth, product quality, guarantee of absolute safety of our consumers, commitment to a kind of development that considers social and environmental issues in the processes and procedures controlling our entrepreneurial activities in more than 160 countries. In brief, “Novare Serbando” means managing the innovation required by the evolution of the socio-economic context, by market trends and consumers’ needs, always complying with the principles that have strengthened the industrial and entrepreneurial structure of the Branca family. Looking forward: that’s the only way to be entrepreneurs today.”

Niccolò Branca
Chairman and CEO