Villa Branca s.r.l.

The country home and agricultural farm, Villa Branca, owned by the Branca family for many decades, is a wine and olive estate in the heart of the region of Chianti Classico (Mercatale Val di Pesa) that stretches over about 150 hectares (55 cultivated with special vineyards and 11 with olive groves).

The land of Chianti Classico around Villa Branca is very particular: the vineyards’ landscape is characterized by century-old oak, pine and cypress-woods and the diversity of its components (altitude, soil composition and exposure) mirrors the different characteristics of the wines produced in this area.
The renovated medieval villages, the farmhouses, the castles and the villas scattered on the hills witness the richness and the prestige of this area since late Middle Ages and early Renaissance. 

Villa Branca has also developed tourist and wine - tourist activities; old farmhouses have been renovated and divided into elegant units of different sizes.