Branca Real Estate

The company, that was established in 2006, has incorporated the group’s real estate, including industrial, commercial and residential buildings in Italy, Switzerland and France (Milan, Chiasso and Saint-Louis), estate and farms and country properties (San Casciano Val di Pesa), in line with the policy to redesign the corporate organisation. The company will also incorporate the production plant in the centre of  New York (Trebeca area), that is now used as offices.




Conversion of production plants

Its strong presence worldwide and the product growth led Fratelli Branca Distillerie S.r.l. to invest in production plants in several European countries (Saint-Louis in France, Stuttgart in Germany, Chiasso in Switzerland), as well as in North and South America (New York and Buenos Aires), in the first decades of the twentieth century. In 2006 the group approved a modern and successful policy of real estate management for idle production plants in order to convert and revalue them.

The commitment to culture and social issues led the Branca family to convert the Fernet-Branca plant in Saint-Louis, that was shut down in 2000, into a museum. The project, assigned to architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte, was completed in June 2004, when the Fernet-Branca Espace d’art Contemporain went public.