F.lli Branca Destilerias S.A.

The policy of international expansion, that has always characterized Fratelli Branca Distillerie, has led the company to market Fernet-Branca bitter liqueur since 1860 in Argentina, a market that would have proven to be successful in the following years. The significant increase in consumption led the company, that had been supported by a distributor until then, to invest in the establishment of a site in Buenos Aires in 1935 and to found the Argentine company F.lli Branca Destilerias S.A. in 1941.

Since 2000, when the new production plant of Tortuguitas was established, the Argentine market has rapidly grown under the strategic leadership of Niccolò Branca as Chairman, supported by local management. Even during the deep economic crisis, F.lli Branca Destilerias S.A reacted with bravery and innovation, avoiding staff cuts and confirming the investments in the company and its development. A further expansion of the production plant is currently in progress.

Thanks to integrated communication strategies, that support product positioning and consumption, Fernet-Branca’s growth on the Argentine market has been exponential in the last few years: it has changed from a digestive bitter liqueur for indoor consumption into a long drink characterized by considerable outdoor consumption.

The factory was once again expanded in 2009.